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"YOU GUYS NEED A NAME, maybe like that old pink hair goop, that BUTCH WAX stuff that kept flat tops, duck tails and fins in place. One of you guys could be him; you know "Butch Whacks", a real guy, but spell his name differently, so you don't get sued when you're famous. Think about it, but think about it somewhere else, I'm trying to sleep"
-- The Great White Duck

(Butch's college roommate sleeping through another class)
"GREAT IDEA. I'll be Butch and you guys can be the Glass Packs; you know like "Danny and the Juniors, Joey Dee & The Starliters", Question Mark and the Mysterians". "Packs" rhymes with "Whacks". . . . What do you mean? What are "glass packs"? Glass packs are custom-made muffler mounts that amplify the sound of the exhaust system so when you let your foot off the gas, your car pops like exploding gunfire. What kind of neighborhood did you grow up in, anyway?"

"From now on we are Butch Whacks & the Glass Packs."
-- Butch, late April, 1971
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