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Hometown: Fresno, California

When did you begin seriously listening to Top 40 radio?
the age of 4 years old, because of my babysitters

What station and where?
KYNO, Fresno, CA

For better or worse, earliest songs etched in your memory?
Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry; I'm Sorry by Brenda Lee

If stranded in the jungle, ten songs you would take:
Love me/Elvis, Nadine/Chuck Berry, My Prayer/Platters, Caravan/Ellington, Jumping at the Woodside/Dorsey, Swing 49/Django Reinhart, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed/Allman Brothers Band, You can't sit down/Paul Revere and the Raiders, 8:05/Moby Grape, Little Wing/Jimi Hendrix, Pushing too Hard/Seeds

First few records owned and why:
Whispering Bells/Del Vikings...Girls Can't Help It/Little Richard...My Prayer/Platters...Charlie Brown/Coasters...My uncle left me all his records from the 'fifty's' when he went to Viet Nam.

One Song, a Hit the first time you heard it and why:
Sweet Little Sixteen; Good beat and easy to dance to. Help! by the Beatles

First trace of show business in your blood:
Playing the broom with the songs on the radio.

First performance in front of a captive audience:
Piano recital at the age of nine; I was scared s**tless, man!!

Between the ages of 6 and 16 what was your favorite radio station:
KYNO with Sam Schwan in the morning

Between the ages of 6 and 16 your average daily exposure to music?
late night radio when I could get away with it; then garage bands at 13 y.o.

Ulterior uses of music (this one's for Julio but if you can answer it too):
Therapy (yeah, right)

Name of first band?
The Royal Coachmen...kinda like Paul Revere and the Raiders

Musical repertoire of first band?
Fresno Rock

Earliest musical influences and why:
Chuck Berry, Beatles, local Fresno rock bands like Jim Devol and the Gauchos (the first with 2 drummers)

Between ages of 6 and 16 favorite comedians?
Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Rusty Warren, Howdy Doodie, Topo Gigio, Professor Erwin Cory, Lucille Ball

Punch line of earliest joke you can recall:
...he was walking down the train tracks and did not hear the weasel.

Who or what influenced your sense of humor?
Funny relatives?

How did you first hear the name BWGP?
I was at the meeting...

When and why did you join BWGP?
They needed a bass and I had one. The first or second rehearsal.

Earliest recollection of performing with BWGP?
In the gym at St. Mary's College

Most desperate BWGP moment:
Having me play bass

Most embarrassing moment performing with BWGP:
walking on stage at the Great American Music Hall and discovering that my bass was still in it's case downstairs.

Fondest recollection of BWGP:
Playing across Canada and in Guatemala

Finest sketches:
Dusty Rhoads with babypowder and spitting-up water.

Not so finest sketches:
Dusty Rhoads without babypowder at the Playboy Club, or on Boz Scaggs' stage.

Weirdest BWGP moment (on or of stage):
What did Gordon have in his pipe at the Cave???

How do you explain your role in BWGP the 19th Annual Farwell Performance to new friends or colleagues who have never heard of BWGP and didn't know you have a secret closet life?
That I'm really a government agent trying to infiltrate some tax evaders for the IRS.


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