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Lafayette, California

When did you begin seriously listening to Top 40 radio?
Probably about the 7th Grade.

What station and where?
KYA most of the time, with an occasional listen to KFRC - both in San Francisco.

For better or worse, earliest songs etched in your memory?
Palisades Park; Sealed With A Kiss. My older sister had the 45's and I couldn't play these 2 enough!

If stranded in the jungle, ten songs you would take:
Get Ready; 25 Miles To Go; Someone to Watch Over Me; The Way You Look Tonight; Brown Eyed Girl; Cool Jerk; Temptation Eyes

First few records owned and why:
Tapestry by Carole King-so I could play "I Feel the Earth Move" over and over until everyone in the house knew the words; The 5th Dimension's Greatest Hits-because I wanted to sound just like Marilyn McCoo; Led Zepplin-Stairway to Heaven- for the sole reason that every one I knew had that album.

One Song, a Hit the first time you heard it and why:
Yikes!!! Do I have to admit this? I've tried to come up with a better one, but I keep coming back to "Close to You" by the Carpenters. Karen Carpenter had the cleanest voice I would ever hear.

First trace of show business in your blood:
Galt Talent Festival-about 1961...danced to Chubby Checkers singing "The Twist" and my godmother yelling "Shimmie, Dee Dee!" from the front row.

First performance in front of a captive audience:
Tap Dancing at a recital where Art Linkletter was the M.C.

Between the ages of 6 and 16 what was your favorite radio station:
K.Y.A........all the way...unless my boyfriend preferred K.F.R.C., in which case so did I.

Name of first band?
"Stylus" in the needle on a record player... and not "The Stylists" as in hairdressers. We actually thought people would get it without an explanation.

Musical repertoire of first band?
Everything from Big Band to Country to Rock.

Earliest musical influences and why:
Probably my family was the biggest influence. When we get together, we usually end up singing-often in 3 part harmony. I always took the root, and wished I had an ear for the 2nd harmony part.

Between ages of 6 and 16 favorite comedians?
George Carlin.

How did you first hear the name BWGP?
Julio. (...who else???)

When and why did you join BWGP?
1986. Julio asked me to audition. I'd seen their Annual Farewell Performance the year before and never thought I'd actually get to join them. Jerry gave me Glasspack T-shirt when he told me I was in. I still have it!

Earliest recollection of performing with BWGP?
High School Fund Raiser - at Star of the Sea...Jerry teaching me a song backstage to perform that night... wanted to see if I was "a quick study".

Most desperate BWGP moment:
I had left a stack of clothes for my housekeeper to take to goodwill. On the opposite side of the room I had my costumes which I had intended to take to the cleaners. I didn't discover them missing for a few days. Fortunately she still had everything.

Most embarrassing moment performing with BWGP:
Flipped my wig (literally) during the O.J. skit, playing Marsha Clark.

Fondest recollection of BWGP:
Singing "White Rabbit" on stage at the Filmore. A close second would be when the audience turned "Stand By Your Man" into a sing-along. An "offstage" moment would be sitting in Johnny Buick's red convertible, with the top down, listening to a tape of the show, in front of Michael Moore's grandma's house and feeling like I'd just been adopted into the family.

Finest sketches:
Batman & Robin. We had great costumes, and Julio playing Robin was hysterical. The Oprah sketches were always fun, too.

Not so finest sketches:
It's hard to recall, because we'd usually drop them fast if they didn't play well.

Weirdest BWGP moment (on or of stage):
Changing clothes on stage behind a back-lit screen. To the audience-my shadow looked like I was naked. Only the band knew that I was actually wearing a leotard under the clothes I was removing. It was fun...but I felt a little weird...sort of like an exhibitionist. Karl worked the projector that lit the screen. I'm not sure-but I think he looked a little embarrassed when I picked up my discarded clothes and left the stage!

How do you explain your role in BWGP the 19th Annual Farwell Performance to new friends or colleagues who have never heard of BWGP and didn't know you have a secret closet life?
We're a group that's known more for it's jokes than music. I get to sing and change my clothes and hair about a dozen times during the night. Everyone has a blast -including the group, and it shows.


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