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Claremont, Ca.

When did you begin seriously listening to Top 40 radio?
When I was 5. I hung around my cousins that were in high school at the time and that's all they would listen to.

What station and where?
Listened to KRLA & KFWB in Los Angeles where the D.J.'s would be Joe Yokum, Wink Martindale and Cassey Kassem.

For better or worse, earliest songs etched in your memory?
"Put another candle on my birthday cake" which was on the "Sheriff John's Birthday Show", a childrens T.V. show in L.A. in the '50's.

If stranded in the jungle, ten songs you would take:
Get a Job, Just like Romeo & Juliet, Blue Moon, All Shook Up, Blue Monday and Groovin.

First few records owned and why:
Roy Rodger's "Happy Trails" T.V. show 78 RPM. Because I liked, and wanted to be Roy Rodgers.

One Song, a Hit the first time you heard it and why:
"Express Way to Your Heart" I was cruising around with my cousins, windows down, radio on loud, hot summer night, a little heat on and a '63 Impala full of fine women pulled up next to us on Geary Avenue in was perfect - the song is a hit with us. Timing is everything.

First trace of show business in your blood:
It was when I was an altar boy at Our Lady of Assumption. I liked being up on the altar. I wanted to be the best and the fastest at saying the prayers in Latin.

First performance in front of a captive audience:
It was at Straw Hat Pizza in Berkeley when Jerry Murphy, Nick Ferrua and Mark Ferrari went and sang on open mike night. We sucked but we thought we were hot. It was like being on the altar at Assumption all over again.

Between the ages of 6 and 16 what was your favorite radio station:
KRLA & KFWB in Los Angeles

Between the ages of 6 and 16 your average daily exposure to music?
The exposure was constant with the transistor radio I got for my 7th birthday, the Mexican radio station, KWKW, was always on in the kitchen. Even at night I listened to music on this wierd radio I got that looked like a rocketship, it had a clip you would connect onto a set of pliers and you would find a radio station by moving the nose of rocket up and down until you found a station. And it was usually only one station.

Ulterior uses of music (this one's for Julio but if you can answer it too):
I never had an Ulterior use for music. I only used music for what it was created for. To highten the senses, calm the mind and to relax the muscles.

Name of first band?
Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs

Musical repertoire of first band?
Since everyone knows the repertoire of our band, I thought I would take this moment to give an award for "The Best Use of the Band" to Bruce Lopez. Every night we played, it usually happened three quarters through the second set, Bruce would decide it was time to "cut one out of the herd". Bruce would spot her out in the audience, and he would start to play the bass a little louder and with a little more style. He would catch her eye with his devilish look that just ooozzzzed out "I want you. I want you tonight! And only for tonight!!!" He would start to walk, no, slither to the front of the stage never taking his eyes off of hers. Then he would slowly slither back to his original position, again never taking his eyes off of her eyes. And if she never took her eyes off his during this whole ritual, she was his, that night, And only for that night. Boy he was good.

Earliest musical influences and why:
Bruce Lopez

Between ages of 6 and 16 favorite comedians?
Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Soupy Sales

Punch line of earliest joke you can recall:
"Well you better let him out!"

Who or what influenced your sense of humor?
My entire family. Which consisted of 3 brothers and 2 sisters, mom and dad, and 84 first cousins. they were all nuts in different ways, you had to have a sense of humor.

How did you first hear the name BWGP?
I was in the room when it came to be. I do remember hearing another great name being tossed around of "Julio and the Cruseaders". Nah, I guess "Butch Whacks" is alright.

When and why did you join BWGP?
Jerry and I were there in the beginning. Nick and Mark (from the Straw Hat Pizza)didn't want to do all oldies so we had to call up a few volunteers.

Earliest recollection of performing with BWGP?
Just as Craig mentioned we were actually rehersing for the Hootenany (James we need spell check for this page)at St. Mary's and it got rained out for 2 or 3 weeks in a row. I believe that we played at the Berkeley Sorority before we played at St. Mary's.

Most desperate BWGP moment:
Getting home after a performance and after the Sun had risen. Trying to speak to Debbie(My wife)coherently, telling her why I'm just getting home while she is walking out the door going to a real job. The most often answer given was, "Band Meeting, you know that Jerry is a real asshole!"

Most embarrassing moment performing with BWGP:
It happened at the infamous "Boathouse" in Sausalito. For almost 2 or 3 years we played every Tuesday at the "Boathouse". It was the time the Marin chapter of the Hells Angels was in the audience. Thank God they loved the show. In fact they loved the show so much , at the end of the last set they bought us a round of Tequila shots. At the first encore, they bought us 2 more shots. By the time we got to our final encore, which took maybe 15 to 20 minutes, they had bought the whole band 6 shots of Jose. Well you see the last song we'd do in those days had a 5 minute monologue before we would sing "Goodnight My Love". During the Monologue the band would play behind me the song "Sleep Walk". Well as I Started talking I could feel myself getting drunker and drunker. Never had I ever or since ever felt myself going through each step of intoxication as I'm speaking and a spot light in your face. Well needless to say the 5 minute monologue went on for 30 minutes. It just went on and on and on while the band, being the true professionals that they are continued to play. Later that evening while we were tearing down the gear. Gary and Jerry got into a little discussion of their own. In fact they began to fight, throw blows. I went in between the two to break the fight up. They both end up hitting me and I end up on the floor. We later told the bartenders of the "Boathouse" and anywhere else we played, if the audience buys us a round, give us water.

Fondest recollection of BWGP:
My fondest recollection is each year when we all get on the stage at Bimbo's with the opening number, we come through the curtin, the lights hit my face and you hear the audience cheering. You can tell that the audience is having as much fun as we are on stage. Wow! That's a great Recollection. That's why I still do this.

Finest sketches:
"Elvis Camp and O.J.Jepordy" Elvis Camp with Ritzo as Gandi and Karl as E.T. - Classic Butch Whacks. O.J.Jepordy - Props to Gary and Larry for one of the funniest sketches we ever did. Catagories- "I scream you scream", "Heisman Hitmen" Just Great.

Not so finest sketches:
I would like to take this space and thank you Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther for some of the funniest sketches I have ever seen anywhere. You two are among the most gifted writers around. I look forward each year to see what kind of costume I'm going to have to get into each year. Great Job, Don't ever stop.

Weirdest BWGP moment (on or of stage):
I have to give this one more thought.

How do you explain your role in BWGP the 19th Annual Farwell Performance to new friends or colleagues who have never heard of BWGP and didn't know you have a secret closet life?
Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs is Vaudeville on Steroids. I can't really explain it to anyone...they don't get it! You have to come see and hear what it is all about. Once you see it, you will envy my secret life.


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